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Candida Cures: Fasting and Cleansing

Interested in curing candida? Fasting can be a way to cure many health problems including recurring yeast infections.

Is a candida fast a good way to battle candida naturally? Many proponents of fasting say so. There are a lot of drugs on the market to fight yeast like Clotrimazole, Nystatin, Diflucan, Monistat, ThreeLac and others but people who use over the counter or prescribed drugs to get rid of their yeast problems can often find it's just a temporary fix.

Fasting can do a lot of positive things for your health including killing off parasites, flushing toxins and starving unhealthy yeast. Candida albicans thrive in specific toxic environments and when you starve them, they cannot survive. Detoxifying your body and boosting your immune system can happen as a result of candida fasting.

What do candida feed on?

Candida feeds on sugar. If you can eliminate sugar from your diet you can make it difficult for yeast to propagate and many health benefits can be realized by fasting. Fasting isn't for everyone, though. If you have problems with your blood sugar or certain medical conditions, you cannot safely fast but for some people, they find that fasting is a fast way to cure their bodies of candida yeast infections.

How to do a candida fast

There are various suggestions in terms of doing a fast. In fasting in general, there are juice fasts but most would agree that juice can contain a lot of natural sugar so may not be effective. A water fast with supporting herbs is often recommended by naturopaths and there are fasting recipes for vegetable juices that can support your health and provide energy while fasting.

By drinking water and taking specific supplements you could effectively rid your body of candida that is causing problems such as rashes, vaginal discharge, penile discharge, food cravings or sensitivities, immune system problems, low pH level and other problems as well.

Some experts recommend adding fresh garlic or ginger to your water as well as taking apple cider vinegar along with vitamins and synbiotic supplements. There are also specific products such as yeast infection supplements sold on the market as parasitic cleanse agents or anti-fungal cleanses. Do talk to a health practitioner about your plans to be sure you can safely fast.

Candida Die-Off

While you are fasting you might choose to take saunas to help you sweat out the toxins. With any type of detox, you can feel worse before you get better. There may be a few days of flu-like symptoms, emerging rashes and general feeling of listlessness or malaise. This will pass and you can then move forward infection free and make positive choices to keep your new state of healthy balance in your body. When resuming eating after a fast, break the fast gently with small amounts of healthy and un-processed foods.

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