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HIV, AID and Yeast Infections

Because the body needs a strong immune system to keep positive and negative bacterial levels in harmony, those with HIV or AIDS can have problems with candida infections. A large majority of those suffering from AIDS will contract Esophagitis. Those who have weakened immune systems with AIDS or chemotherapy can develop Systemic Candida. This can be dangerous and enter your bloodstream, impair vital organ functions and stop the body from absorbing nutrients.

In fact, signs of repeated candida infections could be a result of the AIDS virus and a deficient immune system. When someone has HIV / AIDS, they may suffer from continuous yeast infections in the mouth, the genitals and in their bodies. Someone with continuous problems with yeast infections recurring and taking a long time to go away who have not had luck with yeast infection treatments should consider being tested for HIV or other health problems. Diabetes is another condition that can increase the chances of recurring candida overgrowth problems.

Someone who has HIV or AIDS should be very wary of getting yeast infections because while this is not dangerous for most healthy individuals, it can become very life threatening in someone with a seriously compromised immune system. HIV patients frequently contract candida in the esophagus, orally and vaginally and it can develop in the lungs as well.

Many patients with HIV or AIDS will be given proactive treatments to manage the body's positive and negative flora levels. Candida albicans are already naturally present in the body and perform neccesary functions in the GI tract but when the immune system is weak and antibiotics are given, it can be more difficult to prevent and cure candida.

Candida is a parasitic bacterium that will feed on the body and that's why many people try to starve it out by taking away the things it thrives on. The fact that Coconut Oil is getting such great reviews for helping people with immune system problems is no surprise when it's discovered that caprylic acid is in coconut oil and that's a common ingredient in yeast infection remedies. Coconut oil also contains lauric acid found in mother's milk which provides a huge boost to the immune system.

What Diet Changes Can Help HIV Patients with Candida?

HIV positive people who have candida problems will want to work with their doctor and perhaps their holistic practitioner together to battle candida through diet and supplements. Reducing some foods in the deit will be necessary although HIV and AIDS patients need to ensure they are getting sufficient nutrition and calories. Some of the food that is shown to help keep bacteria levels under control include: probiotic yogurt, coconut oil, onions, prebiotic cheese, organic apple cider vinegar with the mother, raw garlic, oregano oil and grapefruit seed extract.

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