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Candida and Vinegar

When it comes to health conditions, there are a plethora of opinions about treatments and procedures to best cure or aid the healing process, and candida is no different. Some experts believe diet is the only way to cure candida, while others believe a simple medication can do the trick. There are even some health experts and medical doctors who do not believe candida is a real condition! So it is safe to say that any research you conduct online is going to result in many different opinions and ideas about the health problem.

Vinegar is one such area of confusion in the world of Candida cures. Can you consume vinegar in your diet when you are attempting to rid yourself of candida overgrowth? Unfortunately, the answer is not as simple as “yes” or “no.” Each body is going to tolerate a food differently.

Our take on this issue, based on research and reports of personal experiences, is that most people are able to consume small amounts of vinegar while still reaping the benefits of an anti-candida diet. Particularly herbal vinegars and apple cider vinegar have been safely added to most candida diets without a problematic reaction. In fact, despite some people's complaints that vinegars can aggravate a yeast problem, numerous others have reported that the vinegars actually seem to improve their conditions, as the acid restores the healthy bacteria in the intestinal flora.

However, if you find that you are not responding to your candida diet, it may be time to take a closer look at your food intake and cut-out items to which your body may be sensitive, such as vinegar, cheese, artificial sweeteners or even certain fruits and vegetables.


Do You Have a Vinegar Sensitivity?

 A great way to find out if you have a sensitivity to a particular food is to cut back your diet to the most simple anti-candida foods (green veggies, lean meats, healthy fats) and then gradually add back in items to determine what sensitivity you may have. You may even want to consider going on a cleanse or fast for a week or more to get the potentially offending food out of your system, and then gradually begin adding back in food items, being aware of how the new foods make your body feel, and determining if there is a candida flare-up when you add a certain food.

Which side do you trust when it comes to “controversial” foods like vinegar? The decision must be based on your individual body's condition and reaction. Only you can determine how consuming a certain food makes you feel. Once you have cleaned the processed junk out of your body with the candida diet, you are going to be more in tune with your body's processes and more aware of the foods that you need to avoid in order to achieve your body's optimum health.

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