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Coconut Oil : Candida Cure?

Those looking for natural remedies for candida should look at organic coconut oil and candida as an option. So many things can help you fight candida off naturally and changing your diet provides the biggest potential for health benefits and yeast infection eradication you can find.

Changing what you put in your body will have the biggest impact on your overall health and will do much more than any medication will do. While medications can work quickly, if you don't change the underlying cause of the overgrowth it will happen again and candida can become resistant to antibiotics.

Organic coconut oil can help your body naturally fight off yeast infections. Candida albicans grow in a low pH, highly toxic environment. You might not see your body as toxic but if you are sedentary, eat a lot of junk food, are overweight or underweight and don't take care of yourself you're creating a toxic environment which is a thriving environment for bacteria such as candida albicans.

Coconut oil that's organic and virgin contains lauric acid and caprylic acid which will help your immune system substantially. Lauric acid is found in human breast milk and is the component that strengthens a baby's immune system. Caprylic acid is found in many candida remedies and naturally occurs in coconut oil.

Candida Diet Solutions.

Coconut oil is antifungal. This oil along with oregano oil and garlic are all very effective in helping your body fight off unhealthy yeast levels. Consider following a candida diet high in antifungal foods as well as low in yeast.

Avoid alcohol and white bread as well as sugar. Consider making candida smoothies that contain probiotic yogurt, fresh fruit and coconut oil and consuming daily. Eat prebiotic foods as well as consider taking a synbiotic supplement.

By strengthening your immune system, raising your pH level, sweating out toxins through exercise and oxygenating your blood with healthy living, you can naturally cure candida infections and prevent them from recurring.

Antibiotics are a potential cause yeast infections as well so if you must take any antibiotics, consider increasing your probiotic and coconut oil consumption. Because they kill bacteria, they kill the good and bad bacteria and leave your body susceptible to unhealthy bacteria overgrowth.

Ways To Get Coconut Oil Into Your Diet

While virgin coconut oil is more costly than the regular stuff, it has many more health benefits. Use it on your steamed veggies and in your stir fries as well as in smoothies. If you have a yeast rash, use it as well; it's great for your skin. Substitute it for butter and use it as your primary frying oil. Put a dab on your roasted potatoes in the oven and watch them turn a beautiful golden brown. It has a long shelf life which is why it's used in commercial baking and can withstand high temperatures and doesn't release trans fatty acids either.

A healthy lifestyle and healthy eating choices will help your body naturally fight yeast off for good.

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