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Five Natural Remedies to Fight Candida

Candida is a disease that many people fight with prescriptions. But by fighting it with natural remedies, you can do several things:

-You can enhance your body's ability to naturally fight the bacteria on its own.

-You can experience other health benefits that come from complimentary medicine.

-You can proactively keep candida infections away instead of constantly driving to the drug store to buy more creams or fill further prescriptions because candida keeps coming back.

Here is a list of some of the top ranked candida natural remedies:

  1. Organic coconut oil
  2. Oil of oregano
  3. Apple cider vinegar
  4. Probiotics and prebiotics
  5. Exercise

Let's take a closer glimpse at these remedies.

Coconut Oil

Organic coconut oil increases your body's pH level which creates an environment candida bacteria cannot thrive in. Candida often happens when your immune system is low but coconut oil is such a healthy immune system builder that it's being investigated in the fight against serious immune system problems such as HIV/AIDS.

Oil of Oregano

Organic oregano oil does wonders for your health and can act as a natural antibiotic. The great thing here is that unlike penicillin, the oregano oil will only kill off the bad bacteria and won't harm the good guys. It can kill off germs keeping you healthier which will reduce the need for antibiotics that can mutate your body's flora and make it antibiotic resistant as well.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Organic apple cider vinegar that contains the cloudy substance known as “the mother” can provide a wealth of healthy and natural cures. This vinegar can kill candida bacteria externally and internally as well as provide you with many health benefits.

Probiotics and Prebiotics

Food with probiotics such as yogurt will help your body self populate with healthy flora, which keeps candida levels in check. Prebiotic foods feed the flora so it can flourish in your body. When candida levels are high there's an absence of positive flora so it's a very good idea to either diversify your diet with probiotic foods or take a supplement that contains healthy flora.


Exercise oxygenates your body and increases your immune system. Yeast infections often occur when the body is sickly. If your oxygen levels and pH level are healthy and you're active, you can also sweat out toxins. A great low impact exercise for fighting yeast is rebounding. Jumping on a mini trampoline can be extremely cleansing to the body which can help you keep candida from overgrowing in your system and it's something just about anyone can do with minimal effort.

Using Natural Remedies For Yeast Fighting

Natural remedies don't just save you the trouble of a visit to the doctor. They're a natural way to get and to stay healthy. Natural remedies enable you to avoid side effects from prescriptions and don't let your candida become immune to the treatment options because you have to take pills constantly.

Once a person knows their situation because a doctor has confirmed the presence of yeast overgrowth it's becoming increasingly popular for people to treat the symptoms naturally and get rid of candida naturally. Some products can be taken or integrated into your lifestyle so that your body is in better harmony which means that the candida levels will no longer soar to unhealthy levels.

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